VOVOX Textura Fortis LS Single Wiring 11.48' (350cm) Banana-Banana 1.5609 - Pair

11.48' (350cm) Banana-Banana Speaker Wire- Audiophile Cable
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Pair of 11.48' (350cm) Banana-Banana Speaker Wire that high-end connoisseurs select - Open Box

Speaker cable

An impressive cable in all respects. With a cross section of 8.0 mm2, it is probably the most powerful solid-core cable available on the market. The specially shaped, rhodium plated cable terminations allow for connection without soldering or crimping: Highly pure oriented continuous cast copper from connection to connection - without any joint or interruption. The result is impressive.

  • huge solid core conductors made of oriented continuous cast copper
  • high purity polymers without plasticizers
  • rhodium-plated contacts
  • continuous conductors made of one piece from spade to spade
  • cryogenically treated and conditioned 

Cable connection without compromise

The size of the conductors for the textura fortis speaker cables enables us to shape them like spades. As a result, the whole cable consists of two pieces of oriented continuous cast copper - without any joint or interruption. To guarantee permanently perfect contact, the terminations are plated with rhodium on the ready-made, assembled cable. 

Alternatively, you can also have the speaker cables assembled with spades or banana plugs from Furutech.

Unlimited power

The cables of the textura fortis range are tailormade for the most powerful components available on the market. But how is it possible to achieve both unlimited dynamic range and highest resolution? Although large gauge cables are able to offer powerful sound, too often sound quality remains rather undifferentiated. The combination of the proven and tested VOVOX® textura technology with a cross section of the conductors enlarged by a factor of ten serves as the basis of this feat. The concept appeared to be quite simple, but its realisation turned out to be a challenge. Our meticulousness, persistence and experience helped us to overcome all difficulties. The result sets new standards.

In cooperation with the best

VOVOX® textura fortis was developed and then tested in close cooperation with soulution, an award-winning Swiss manufacturer of high-end premium components. Many auditions and comparisons with the most renowned benchmarks confirmed that we achieved our aim: the optimal connection of very fast, powerful components and the most coherent reproduction of music.

Continuous Cast Copper

For the cables of the VOVOX® textura fortis and textura series we use conductors of ultra pure continuous cast copper. A patented process permits the continuous casting of 99.99998% pure copper. This procedure is most demanding and time-consuming. Thanks to the very, very slow production speed of only a few centimeters per minute, it is possible to control precisely the growth of copper crystals. The result: tailored conductors of highest quality.


VOVOX® textura fortis sound conductors run through a cryogenic treatment at -180°C. Although there are hardly any scientific explanations for the effect of cryogenic treatment and running-in cables, we are sure the effort pays off: the difference is audible. In addition, the assembled cables with the connectors are conditioned in a optimized run-in process. This refinement guarantees optimal audio quality already after a short warm-up time of 10 - 20 minutes. Nevertheless their full potential will be reached after additional 50 - 200 hours of service.

Made in Switzerland

VOVOX® sound conductors are hand-assembled in Switzerland. The cables, including the solder, are lead-free.

More Information
SKU VOV-15609
Manufacturer Vovox
Condition New
Model 15604
Type Pair
Suited For Consumer Electronics
Cable Length 11.5 ft
Connector(s) A Banana
Connector(s) B Banana
Digital/Analog Analog
Bundled No
Bundled Items Pair
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