SPL GoldMike MK2 Model 2485

2-Channel microphone and instrument preamplifier
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SPL Gold Mike MK2 Model 2485 Dual-Channel Microphone and Instrument Preamplifier

Like its successful predecessor, the GoldMike Mark2 retains a hybrid solid state and tube construction to combine the best of both worlds. The transistor stage is composed of single transistors in a class A design. The circuitry is fully discrete, and each transistor is completely optimized for its specific task. You will not find any IC's in this preamplifier stage because they cannot be optimized for this specific application to the degree we aimed for. This all new discrete class A transistor stage is a genuine innovation in the entire preamplifier market at this price level.
  • Frequency response <10Hz bis 90kHz (-3dB)
  • THD+N (Input level -30dBu, 30dB Gain) 0,016%
  • Noise (A-w., R=40Ohm, 30dB Gain) -91,2dBu
  • Dynamic range (30dB Gain) 110dB
  • E.I.N. 128dBu
  • Max. output level (sym., XLR+Jack) +26,8dBu
  • Slew rate solid state stage 200V/s

The GoldMike MK2's new features provide an amazing tonal flexibility and versatility, making it a perfect dual-channel front end for any modern production environment.
  • Discrete Class A solid stage
  • Tube drive in three different intensity levels
  • Flair presence enhancement in two switchable settings
  • Switching inserts
  • Pre-output limiter stage (extremely fast diode-based operation, perfect for A/D converter protection)
  • VU metering with three different, switchable display ranges
  • Front panel instrument input, separate rear-side microphone and line inputs
  • Phantom power, phase reverse, pad and high-pass filter (50Hz)


  • Frequency response: <10Hz bis 90kHz (-3dB)
  • Input impedance
  • Microphone, XLR: 2,8kOhm
  • Line In, TRS: 10kOhm
  • Instr. In TRS: 1mOhm
  • Output impedance (XLR and TRS): 50Ohm

  • Input level -30dBu, Gain 30dBu: 0,016 %
  • Input level -40dBu, Gain 40dBu: 0,017 %
  • Input level -50dBu, Gain 50dBu: 0,022 %
  • Input level -60dBu, Gain 60dBu: 0,048 %
  • Noise (A-weighted, R=40Ohm)
  • Gain 30dB: -91,2dBu
  • Gain 40dB: -86,6dBu
  • Gain 50dB: -78,7dBu
  • Gain 60dB: -69,3dBu
  • Dynamic range (Gain 30dB): 110dB
  • E.I.N.: 128dBu
  • Max. input level
  • Microphone, XLR: +7dBu
  • Microphone, XLR +PAD: +28dBu
  • Line In, TRS: +23dBu
  • Instr. In TRS: +7dBu
  • Instr. In TRS +PAD: +14dBu
  • Max. output level
  • Balanced, XLR+ TRS +26,8dBu
  • Unbalanced, XLR+ TRS +21,5dBu

  • 1 KHz, Gain 30dB: >75dB
  • Power consumption: 25W
  • Dimensions: W x H x D (mm) 482 x 88 x 210
  • Weight: 4,1kg


Optional Upgrades

  • 24bit/192kHz A/D Converter ($200)
  • Mic in Lundahl transformer ($219 for one channel, $438 for two channels)
  • Line out Lundahl transformer ($179 for one channel, $358 for two channels)
More Information
Manufacturer SPL
Condition New
Model 2485
Type Microphone Preamp
Features Vacuum Tube
Number of Channels 2
Bundled No
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