SPL Frontliner Model 2800

Modular recording channel strip
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Modular recording channel strip

Channel Strip and Processing Unit with ADC

Model #2800

With the finest ingredients from SPL, the new flagship of SPL's channel strips establishes the basis for world-class recordings - and each of its particular processing stages can be inserted into studio environments or DAWs like analog plug-ins!

The brand-new Frontliner has all tools on board to record vocals and instruments in perfect quality. Positioned even above our bestseller Channel One, it merges preamp, de-esser, EQ and compressor.

The hybrid preamp with discrete transistor stage and separate tube stage combines high performance and neutrality with the option for sound coloration by enhancing the harmonic content with the switchable tube drive.

The unique one-knob de-esser employs a phase cancelling technique to reduce sibilants.

With three bands, the EQ section covers the complete frequency spectrum efficiently, and a tube saturation control allows to apply distortion to any signal from subtle to reckless levels.

The compressor offers all classic parameters and a controllable automation of attack and release which adjusts the setting of time constants to the input signal - pretty much like a cruise control.

Thanks to the individual analog I/Os, all these powerful, hi-end analog processors can be inserted into any studio by the Frontliner pilot, i. e. to use them also during mixing and mastering. Thus it appears that the Frontliner is not reduced to a frontend device - especially DAW based studios get the chance to integrate high-grade analog processing at any stage of the audio production process.


Optional Upgrades

  • 24bit/192kHz A/D Converter ($200)
  • Mic in Lundahl transformer ($219)
  • Line out Lundahl transformer ($179)
More Information
Manufacturer SPL
Condition New
Model 2800
Type Channel Strip
Features Solid State
Number of Channels 1
Type Microphone Preamp
Bundled No
Bundled Items No
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