Auralex Deep6

6"x2'x4' fabric-covered fiberglass bass trap enclosed within a black steel frame
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The Deep6 Low-Frequency Absorber is a 6”x 2’ x 4’  powder-coated, black steel frame-enclosed absorption device. The Deep6 Low-Frequency Absorber is specifically designed to be installed on a wall or across a vertical corner to improve low-frequency absorption throughout the room and accuracy at the mix position, but without the sonic artifacts of competing products. This solidly constructed acoustical treatment is the perfect choice for rooms where corner-fitted bass traps are not possible due to doors or windows, and provides usable broadband control down to 80 Hz. The Deep6 provides effective low frequency absorption down to 40Hz when corner mounted.

Each Deep6 comes fully assembled and ready to install with the included wall mounting brackets.

EVERY Space Needs Improved Low-Frequency Absorption!

  • Effective broadband control from 40 Hz and up
  • Mounts to walls and corners
  • Commercial and Residential Applications
  • Low frequency control in a slim 6” profile
  • Class A Fire Rated per ASTM E84
  • Complements mid-high acoustical products & turns them into a complete broadband system!


These panels are available in two colors: Obsidian and Sandstone. When ordering, please specify which color you wish to recieve.

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Manufacturer Auralex
Condition New
Model DEEP6
Type Bass Trap
Quantity 1
Bundled No
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