MBrace Guitar Holder with Quick Release

Universal guitar holder - securely supports any acoustic or electric guitar in playing position when attached to a tripod microphone stand.


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HOLDER & QUICK RELEASE ONLY - TRIPOD STAND & GUITAR NOT INCLUDED - See other listing for Holder & Stand Package

Quick Release removes the hassle of screwing on the mBrace to the stand every time.  If you get 2 mBraces and quick releases you can swap guitars on one stand within seconds.  This quick release is made from stong Steel.

The MBrace is an innovative solution that adds convenience and solves many problems guitarists come across at rehearsal, on stage, or in the studio. It attaches to a standard 3 legged microphone stand and can hold almost any instrument with two strap buttons. The MBrace works equally well with right and left handed instruments, and the angle is adjustable to fit the preference of any player.

In Rehearsal

When a guitar is mounted on the MBrace holder, the weight of the instrument is completely supported. This means that musicians are able to rehearse longer and focus better before becoming fatigued by the weight of their instruments. This all leads to significantly more productive and efficient practice sessions and rehearsals.

On Stage

This guitar holder is perfect for performers who need to switch guitars quickly. A guitarist can be playing the rhythm section on an acoustic, then simply swing that around to his back as he steps up and shreds a solo on his MBrace mounted electric guitar. Since many different types of instruments (keytars, basses, mandolins, and almost anything else with strap pegs) can be mounted on the MBrace, switching instruments or even just playing a quick fill on a different instrument becomes a breeze.

In the Studio

When in the studio, a musician may play the same song or part many times over and over before getting that ‘Golden Take’. Just like rehearsing, this can quickly drain a musician. The MBrace allows them to focus on the mental and artistic aspect of the music without worrying about the physical weariness from supporting the weight of the instrument for several hours.

For musicians recording themselves, it can be difficult to operate the console or computer while constantly having a guitar in your lap. An MBrace set up on a low stand next to the desk or console makes this process much easier and more enjoyable. Simply swivel a few degrees in your chair and your guitar is in position, ready to go.

Other Applications

The MBrace is an invaluable tool for those that are unable to support the weight of a guitar or bass due to neck and or back injuries. Since the stand supports 100% of the instrument’s weight, the player simply has to play without having to bear any of the weight.

The MBrace works with Gibson, Fender, Epiphone, Squier, Ibanez, PRS, Schecter, Jackson, Line 6, ESP, LTD, Gretsch, Godin, Taylor, Martin, Music Man, Washburn, Charvel, Kramer, Parker, Peavey, Steinberger, Yamaha, Ovation, Takamine, and virtually any other guitar, bass, or instrument with two strap buttons.

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