Lauten Audio LS-308

LS-308 Noise Rejecting High Dynamic Range Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphone
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Lauten Audio LS-308 Noise Rejecting High Dynamic Range Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphone

The LS-308 is a noise rejecting, high-dynamic range microphone to be used as a problem solver in challenging recording situations when isolation is needed but difficult to achieve.

TDesigned for use in studio, broadcast, and sound reinforcement environments when sources are in very close proximity and isolation of those sources is difficult; for example, a small commentators booth with multiple commentators, or rejecting drums from a guitar amp on a tight stage. The LS-308 is a large-diaphragm condenser microphone featuring 270 degrees of off-axis frequency rejection combined with ultra-high dynamic range.  Constructed from high-quality components and outfitted with frequency shaping high and low-cut filters, the LS-308 offers excellent handling capabilities. It includes two different mounting options, a foam windscreen, and a road case.


The LS-308 offers 270 degrees of side and rear frequency rejection reducing nearby sound by up to 25dB. The rejection is achieved with Lauten Audios’ unique dual, large-diaphragm pressure gradient transducer element in combination with its specially designed circuit. 


The LS-308 is intended for use in environments where there are multiple sources in close proximity, for example, small live rooms with multiple musicians playing, close-quarter broadcast commentary, or when the rejection of other instruments or crowds live on-stage or in sound reinforcement is desired.


The LS-308 does not require pre-attenuation and can handle 135dB+ of SPL. The circuit also allows for an ultra-wide 120db of dynamic range. These features give engineers the ability to capture high dynamic sources and in noisy environments.


The Independent, multi-stage, high and low-cut filters help engineers balance recordings at the microphone and aid in successfully capturing the performance reducing the need for mixing. The 2-stage low-cut aids in reducing low-end rumble, muddiness, and proximity effect. The 2-stage high-cut helps tame bright instruments and high frequencies. 

  • Swing-arm mount with 135 degrees of movement (removable)

  • Hard mount with threaded nut and adjustable elbow joint.

  • Foam windscreen to protect against plosives, wind, and debris

  • Hard case that fits all accessories and is built for the rigors of the road.


  • When off-axis rejection is important

  • Highly dynamic instruments in noisy environments

  • Close micing drums & guitars both studio and on-stage

  • Close-quarter broadcast booths when off-axis rejection is essential

  • Podcast and Voice-overs when noise rejection is essential

  • 270 degrees of off-axis sound rejection

  • 120dB (135dB total) of dynamic range (no pad needed)

  • Independent 2-stage low & high-cut filters

  • Internally shock mounted pressure gradient condenser elements

  • Swing-arm mount with 135 degrees of movement (removable)

  • Includes threaded hard mount, windscreen, carrying case


  • Full 120dB (135dB total) of dynamic range

  • Wide frequency response

  • Excellent off-axis sound rejection

  • Independent 2-stage low & high-cut filters

  • Internally shock mounted pressure dual-gradient condenser element

  • Includes, hard mount, windscreen, and hardcase

  • Type: Side-Address dual-large diaphragm pressure gradient transducer

  • Polar Patterns: Second-order Cardioid

  • Circuit: JFET transistor with transformer balanced output

  • Frequency Range:  20Hz-20KHz

  • Dynamic Range: 135dB  

  • Impedance: >150 ohms

  • SPL Handling: >135dB (0.5%THD@1000Hz)

  • Self-noise Level: <15dB-A

  • Sensitivity: 10.5mV/Pa -40dBv(0 dB=1V/Pa kHz)

  • Special Features:

                                    50 & 120Hz low-cut 

                                    8 & 10 kHz high-cut filters

  • Connector: 3-pin XLR

  • Power Requirement: +48v Phantom power

  • Weight: Microphone only: 1.25lbs – 0.57kg
                  w/ swing arm: 1.4lb – 0.64kg
                  w/ hard mount: 1.5lbs – 0.68kg
                  w/ case and accessories – 4.6lbs –2.09k

  • Dimensions (no case):     Height: 7.25in (18.4cm)
                  Width (w/ arm): 2.46in (6.25cm)
                  Depth: 3.75in (9.53cm)

More Information
Manufacturer Lauten Audio
Condition New
Model LS308
Connectivity Wired
Connectors XLR
Microphone Form Factor Handheld/Stand-Held
Pickup Pattern Cardioid
Type Condenser Microphone
Rolloff Yes
Pad No
Enhancement Yes
Bundled Yes
Bundled Items Carrying Case
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