VOVOX Excelsus Protect A Instrument Cable 9.84' (300cm) TS-TS 6.7902

VOVOX Excelsus Protect A Instrument Cable 9.84' (300cm) TS-TS 6.7902 The extreme: Maximum bandwidth and resolution for all electrically amplified musical instruments.
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VOVOX Excelsus Protect A Intrument Cable 9.84' (300cm) TS-TS 6.7902

If you think you already got the most out of your instrument, get ready to be surprised. The excelsus instrument cables enable a further enhancement in dynamics, sonority and purity of the sound that even the developer at VOVOX didn't expect to be possible. The uncompromising studio cable for all electrically amplified instruments such as electrical guitar, bass, e-piano or keyboard. The drawback: excelsus sound conductors are extremely stiff and accordingly unhandy. You will either love or hate them - or maybe both!

Due to their stiffness VOVOX®excelsus instrument cables are not suitable for all applications. If not handled with the necessary care, it is possible to cause damage to the gear sockets due to the leverage of the cable.

- length 300 cm
- straight jacks at both ends
- extra large solid core conductors for signal and ground
- conductors made of the purest copper available
- natural fibres netting around every single conductor wire
- capacitance of merely 100 pF/m
- VOVOX-typical cable construction with screen and separate conductor for ground
- optimally protected against microphonics
- ¼“ jacks from VOVOX with copper tip contact
- Handmade in Switzerland

Important instructions for use
VOVOX®excelsus protect A are stiff and heavy. For this reason, please consider the following:
- choosing the right connector shape (angled or straight) ensures the highest durability
- this cable is not suited for live use
- special handling care is recommended
- two (2) years limited warranty

More Information
SKU VOV-67902
Manufacturer Vovox
Condition New
Model 6.7902
Type Single Cable
Suited For Musical Instruments
Cable Length 9.9 ft
Connector(s) A TS 1/4 Jack Male
Connector(s) B TS 1/4 Jack Male
Split Duplication No
Digital/Analog Analog
Bundled No
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