Auralex Tubetak Pro Liquid Adhesive

Acoustic foam mounting adhesive
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Acoustic foam mounting adhesive

Tubetak Liquid Foam Adhesive

Super Strong Urethane Adhesive

Liquid Urethane Adhesive
The world's best acoustic foam adhesives, guaranteed to keep your foam up for as long as you want it there and not to "eat" your foam. Also works great to attach various materials to each other during construction of your studio. Our adhesives apply easily and give a solid, permanent bond that actually improves the sound isolation of your construction. You don't want to use Liquid Nails brand because its very manufacturer published a memo some time back advising that it not be used with acoustic foam due to possible chemical interactions that can cause the foam to disintegrate prematurely.

1 tube covers 32 sq ft.

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Manufacturer Auralex
Condition New
Type Fastening Supplies
Quantity 1
Bundled No
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