Auralex 2" Studiofoam Pyramids

2' x 4' x 2" Studiofoam panels
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2' x 4' x 2" Studiofoam panels

2" acoustic Studiofoam Pyramids treat small - to medium-sized areas including iso booths, control rooms and sound studios. They effectively kill standing waves and flutter echoes and, when used in conjunction with our LENRD or Venus Bass Traps or our Sunburst Broadband Absorbers, can effectively tame the full frequency bandwidth in virtually any acoustic environment.

2" Studiofoam Pyramids offer a bit of extra sound diffusion and slightly less sound absorption than 2" Studiofoam Wedges, so they yield a less dry-sounding space with a bit more "air."

Available Colors: Charcoal, Burgundy, Purple

  • Qty: 12 panels; Coverage: 96 sq. ft.
  • Sugg. Adhesive: 1 Foamtak or 3 Tubetak
More Information
Manufacturer Auralex
Condition New
Model 2PYR24
Type Absorption Tile/Panel
Quantity 12
Bundled No
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