Steinberg Nuendo SyncStation

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  • Steinberg Nuendo SyncStation
  • Steinberg Nuendo SyncStation
  • Steinberg Nuendo SyncStation

Steinberg Nuendo SyncStation

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Advanced SD/HD hardware synchronizer

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Product Description


Nuendo SyncStation - Advanced SD/HD Hardware Synchronizer

Reliable synchronization, accurate phase lock and straightforward machine control are essential for AV studios and production facilities. Designed by Colin Broad, the Nuendo SyncStation 19" rack-mount synchronizer allows Nuendo to lock to tri-level sync, distribute word clock signals up to 192 kHz and communicate with external machines via Sony 9-pin, MMC or timecode. The unit is fully controllable from inside the Nuendo software and provides many additional features such as pull up/down, clock manipulation, GPIO interfacing and Varispeed. Engineered to offer extremely fast locking times, ultra low jitter and rock-solid operation, Nuendo SyncStation latches Nuendo into any existing studio environment.

Sample-accurate sync

In today's digital music and post-production environments, accurate synchronization between all devices is always necessary. Simple MTC and LTC (without additional word clock connections) cannot provide truly accurate sync. MTC by itself can vary up to several milliseconds. Nuendo SyncStation can align the exact sample of audio to the leading edge of a video frame reference. Nuendo SyncStation integrates the video frame reference, timecode and word clock so that accurate sync can be maintained between multiple audio devices connected to the Nuendo SyncStation. Plus, special situations, such as pull down in film post-production, are seamless when video sync, timecode and word clock are handled by one device.

External workstations (DAWs, VVTR)

Nuendo SyncStation can be used to synchronize other computer workstations such as computer video systems (Virtual VTR) and other DAW workstations by using MTC, word clock and video sync. This connection allows Nuendo SyncStation to correct Nuendo's position relative to the edge of each frame down to the sample. Since MIDI time code is used to send position data to Nuendo, it can only be accurate up to several milliseconds. The VST System Link connection is used to send sample accurate position information from Nuendo back to Nuendo SyncStation which then calculates an offset to correctly align Nuendo to the edge of the video frame. This is a unique and extremely accurate method of synchronization exclusively provided by Nuendo SyncStation.

  • All important synchronization tasks are fulfilled within one unit
  • The world's first sample accurate synchronizer in conjunction with VST System Link
  • Dedicated to Nuendo with a deep integration that ends up in an outstanding operation from within Nuendo
  • Designed and built by Colin Broad
  • Works with all DAWs (with some limitation), not just with Nuendo, even standalone operation is possible
  • Cross-platform support for Nuendo SyncStation together with Nuendo on Mac OS X, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP

Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer Steinberg
Model 502004296
Type Virtual Instruments
Platform Mac OS 10.10, Mac OS 10.9, Windows 7, Windows 8
Bundled No
Upgrades No


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