SPL Transient Designer 4 Model 9842

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  • SPL Transient Designer 4 Model 9842

SPL Transient Designer 4 Model 9842

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4-Channel XLR envelope modeling

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Product Description


SPL Transient Designer 4 Model 9842 Four-Channel Dynamics Processor

4 channel XLR envelope modeling (Model #9842)

The Transient Designer offers a completely new technology for level-independent shaping of the dynamic response of a sound: For the first time it is possible to control the attack and sustain behaviour of a signal in a very simple way! Unlike other dynamic devices, the processing is not governed by the signal level but rather by its dynamic envelope, so all signals (loud and soft) are processed the same way. With no effort you can shorten or lengthen the attack and sustain of all kinds of percussive signals, such as the bass drum, snares, toms, congas etc. to let them jump into your face or to flatten the signals. Booming toms for example are dried up in seconds - it's almost like being able to change the amount of drum damping after the recording. Your idea of a kick drum sound is a kick drum in the words best sense? Just dial it in. The same applies to virtually any other signal: Amplify or reduce the picking sound of an acoustic guitar, hold the sound of the strings longer, reduce the reverb time of a choir, actuate the piano pedal "electronically", turn down the slap bass a notch or give it even more attack, etc.


  • Instrumentation amplifier, electronically balanced (differential) transformerless
  • Nominal input level: +6dB
  • Input impedance: = 22kOhms
  • Output impedance: 600Ohms
  • Max. input level : +24dBu
  • Max. output level: +22,4dBu
  • Minimum load ohms: 600Ohms
  • Relay Hard Bypass
  • Power Fail Safety


  • Frequency response: 20 Hz - 100 kHz (100 kHz = -3 dB)
  • CCMR (common mode rejection): - 80dBu @1kHz
  • THD & N: 0,004% @1kHz
  • S/N CCIR 468-3: -89dBu
  • S/N A-weighted: -105dBu


Power Supply

  • Torroidal transformer: 15VA
  • Fuse: 315mA
  • Ground-Lift switch
  • Voltage selector



  • Housing: Standard EIA 19"/1U, 482 x 44,45 x 237mm
  • Weight: 3,4 kg Note: 0dBu = 0.775V.

Subject to change without notice.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer SPL
Condition New
Model 9842
Type Envelope Shaper
Features Solid State
Form Factor 1 RU
Effect/Enhancement Envelope Shaper
Number of Channels 4
Connectivity XLR
Inputs/Outputs N/A


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